Is He Dangerous? 10 Signs You May Be Dating A Dangerous Man

In my experience, one of the hardest things about dating is knowing exactly when to stay and when to walk away. Those little red flags, that weren’t deal breakers individually; but filled in the complete picture when looked at collectively. And the picture was not good!

So, this begs the question: Is there a way to tell if a guy is dangerous before you get too involved? No fear ladies. We’ve spoken to some experts in the field and have some great ways to sift through it all and how to tell if the guy you are dating is dangerous. Many of these can be observed on the first date (and even better so, since that is when we’re usually on our best behavior).

  1. How does he treat others? And by this, I mean- how does he speak to the valet? The service staff? What about when someone irritates him in traffic? Does he tell off color jokes or use degrading words when telling a story? Of course, he will be on his best behavior early on- but you can pick up a lot of little signs by the way he interacts with the other people around on your date. Read on……


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